Monday, September 14, 2009

The journey begins... again

It is 12 :14 pm in my laptop clock, sitting at the hot desk ( a place where anyone can sit in our office) is feeling great. I have started the journey again. The journey of hope, excitement and learning for the good. Now, that I am trying to understand the essence of blogging, would try to make it a personal experience rather that creating it as a halo world. I always thought that blogging is a 'public preaching exercise' with all the gyan for the people interested enough to spend time reading my blog. Guys, I have attained the nirvana now.

Ohh.. it starts again.

What should i write in the personal blog is a big question. This question always irritates me. I am not a celebrity, super star, nor even the intellectual thinker who has so much to conceptualize, write and share with the people. Nevertheless I have started again. This is a good sign.

'Right to Religion' ; A great thought that always come to my mind.

Right to religion is the amature concept, the success of which lies in its expansion, popularity. I believe that this is the single solution to all the religious problem in the world. The Jerusalem, Ayodhya, Babri Masjid are all the victims of the religious extremism.

Okay let me ask myself few questions before jumping to the conclusion :

  • What is the main reason for any religious conflicts?
  • Do people involved in the extremist acts really know, what they are up to?
  • Do majority of the people really understand what the religion is all about?
  • How much say does the parents/relatives have in the religion/practices?
The answers.... have convinced me for the applicability of the 'Right to Religion'.

The details .. will try to pen down next time...... Time to lunch, dude.


Friday, March 9, 2007


What can one say about developing the religion where the ultimate organising principle is not one derived from the divine inspiration but instead, relies on the wisdom and the contribution of the masses? That it openly militiates against the notion of the omnipotence? Or , that it tacitly underscores the importance of human divinity? In the field of computer programming the concept is not new. It's called open source design where the source code of the software is made available to the general public with the either relaxed or non-existent intellectual property restrictions. This allows user to create self generated content through individual effort, or collaboration. The result is the meritocratic system-in one case at least-has been the operating system Linux.

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Life After Death........

No body knows what we actually want by him/herself ... except the ultimate truth of death.... we always fear from the death being knowing the universal truth- life is nothing more than just the great preperation of Death....... Life is ubiquitous and so is death.....

People do ask the question from themselves and others that death is something making a change to oneself making the change in the body itself with no change in the soul.... where did the soul actually live or stay before getting into a pregnant woman womb.... does it really exist?? I still have a question...... If this is the case then why do people belive in religion... According to my wish religion is nothing more than the good means of living according to the known rules set up by some degnified personalities they or thier ancestors followed.......

Life after death is a serious quesion with answer in itself with the person capabilty to understand the means of getting through.......

Does the soul really exist??? Does god has a presence????

I believe it has.....

Life is truth and Death is False is again the question of chicken and the egg. Don't take lie away from me.... coz I can't bear without it...... We are living for the Lie infact we are living into it. We pretend to be someone which we actually are not.... we say thankyou and sorry ..... when we actually dont want to do so... We say something that is exactly opposite to what we want...... that is because we want to seem good and ethical..... are we living as someone else....... So , my dear friends......

Aren't we DEAD......

Please write your comments on the same....coz I am in search of the truth that sound as good as lie.....I wanna disclose that paradise.

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